3 definitions by nothing

a super hot girl with no flaw
"eww that chick is ugly, dont you wish she look like dizzynella"
by nothing July 12, 2003
see neil aka mogley
Once-mythical creature that has finally shown his true identity.
God has the power to hi-jack your brain and manipulate your every thought, just to get you to do something simple like tell him a story or fix your info.
Listens to unity songs, thus appears un-scary.
Neil aka Mogley is God. Not to be confused with Dog.
by Nothing August 18, 2004
a loser who sits on the sidewalk rattling coins and yelling at people and stealing and uses the money to get stoned when nobody is looking
basically a proffessional beggar
i was walking downtown and the fucking homless person started assaulting me
by nothing September 27, 2004

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