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To Brett Favre it: to be indecisive about something.

Based on Brett Favre's decision to keep quitting and then returning to professional football.
"Yo, you finally stop hitting that?"
"Nah, I think I'm gonna Brett Favre it and go back."

"So are we getting deep dish or thin crust?"
"I don't know, he's still Brett Favreing it."

"Did you chose between Jill or Stacy?"
"Nope. I'm just going to Brett Favre it and go back and forth until one of them gets too pissed."
#to brett barve it #rehit #flip flop #juggle #making up his/her mind about #reverse my decision
by notbillclinton August 18, 2009
To have sex with a second time. To tap once again. Or if after a break up, to get back into having sex with.

Can be used as a play on "reheat" by saying "it's cold" in response if you're not going to. See example.
"You going to rehit that?"
"Nah, it's cold."
#go back to #tap again #have sex with again #recycle #hook up again with
by notbillclinton August 18, 2009
To masturbate furiously, without cessation.
"So, let me get this straight. You're telling me, that if you hadn't been able to jack off for two weeks, the first thing you would do immediately when you got home wouldn't be to go straight to the computer and start violently ripping your dick off? I don't believe you."
#masturbation #jacking off #masterbation #choke the chicken #whack off #wack off #j.o. #jack off
by NotBillClinton April 10, 2015
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