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The sound made after receiving sex/food.
It is said that the necessity of both actions is the reason for "A" being the first letter in any alphabet.
Ahhh... that was amazing. Now for the 2nd course.
by NotARapist April 24, 2005
Like crack, but spelled by someone actually on it.
ya dude i love crak!!
by NotARapist April 24, 2005
Someone who is both a drug dealer, and a man whore.
They are the foundation of our society.
After that boring lecture I had to go see my drugwhore.
by NotARapist April 21, 2005
"The Object Of My Affection"
See that guy? He's TOOMA.
by NotARapist April 24, 2005
Taking and freezing a large shit to use as a frozen dildo for your girlfriend to play with
Yeah I didnt want to have sex with Jas so I just gave her some brown snow instead
by Notarapist September 04, 2014
Pick-up line for the desperate.
"Hey, can I buy you a drink?"
"Have a little sympathy for the jackass down south!"
"...I'm getting a restraining order."
by NotARapist April 24, 2005
The sound one makes when regurgitating. May refer to the sound or the actual act. Can also be used as a threat.
"Oh my god.. I'm gonna blorf."


"I'll blorf on you"
by NotARapist April 24, 2005
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