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the act of taking off as many points as possible without being obvious of malpractice
frank "god I just got grade raped by my teacher, and after two hours of work I still failed based on spelling mistakes on my math exam"
by notacoward April 07, 2009
pronounced gets-ing or get-zing
it is the act of yelling or harshly wispering vulgarities while attempting something mentally straining
the act of goetzing may often be confused with having Terets syndrome but is quite differant, having terets causes those inflicted by it to spontaneously shout differant words that occassionally can be vulgar, while goetzing is controlable those who do it just choose not to suppress it and the words shouted are always obscene in some way
goetzing usually continues until said task is completed or interupted
John (while doing a difficult puzzle): "Balls! Fuck! Ass"

Jack: "you know its hard to concentrate with you goetzing al of the time"
by notacoward March 29, 2009
the act of violently beating the feminism out of an individual, usually done to an effeminate male who denies being gay although its entirely obvious that they are

the use of hands is most common when goetzorcising although a baseball bat or other long thin hand held object such as a stick, screwdriver or crow bar

death is an uninteded but common result of goetzorcism
Mr. anderson "my student is being such a fairy today, I'd better go get my golf club for a proper goetzorcism"
by notacoward April 07, 2009

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