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When your junk is sweating on a hot day, and your bag sticks to the side of your leg. It is notably unpleasant when moving from walk to run, or when standing up quickly.
Fuck it's hot today, I got a bad case of sticky sacitis.
by not_rlemon October 28, 2013
The most incredible guy in the universe, end of story. He’s sweet, caring, and truly amazing. He isn’t concerned with himself at all, but instead he’s concerned with other people. He always knows the perfect thing to say and the right time to say it. He takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. And he has a way of making your heart melt like no one else ever will. Robert is so wonderful, it’s almost impossible to find the words to match.
Wow, that was so amazing it must have been done by rlemon.
by not_rlemon December 06, 2012
A Walrus as described by a five year old. Made popular on this reddit thread: /r/funny/comments/1yd0y5/my_five_year_old_got_a_couple_wrong_on_his_arctic/

The joke got old fast, and now no one is laughing.
Check out this newborn Word Bank!
by not_rlemon February 19, 2014

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