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The very first recorded blossoming of sores on an individual (either orally, genitally, anally, or elsewhere on the human body) as caused by the herpes virus.
Todd: Sam, it looks as though I've got a pretty bad sore down there. Do you have any clue as to what it might be?

Sam: Why, Todd, that appears to be a case of genital herpes! This must be your first outbreak; in which case, Herpe Birthday, my friend!
by not_my_good_eye August 07, 2012
The performance of oral copulation upon the genitalia of a person who is suffering an outbreak of a sexually transmitted disease; particularly genital herpes. This may occur either with or without the foreknowledge of either partner.
I went to that girl's house with the intention of eating out her snatch, but she had a surprise in her box that I wasn't aware of. Now I have sores all over my lips. It looks like she served me a Herpe Meal.
by not_my_good_eye August 07, 2012
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