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when you fuck a girl so hard she starts making horse noises then you jizz on her face
damn, did tony give laura a texas wild horse last night. daaaaammmmmmnn
by north carolina March 04, 2009
it is when you are feeling a girls tits and they are hard as fuck
yo girl you got a great rocky mountain
by North Carolina March 03, 2009
when you spray axe on a girl's pussy and you take a lighter and you light her pussy on fire and then you fuck her till she has no genitals.
man i iginited that pussy like a cherokee wildfire with axe deoterant and a lighter and i fucked the bitch till she had no genitals on her snatch
by north carolina March 02, 2009
when you are doing a girl doggie style and wait till the climax then tell her you have aids then when she gets off your dick and turns around.....

you jizz all over her face
dang she just got a crazy clementine and its all over youtube. sucks for her.......
by north carolina March 04, 2009

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