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Orthopedics surgeon. One with great skill and knowledge of skeletal anatomy and the repair of bone injuries and deformations.
X: I used to play on the trampoline, but when it broke--it crushed my legs, cracked my spine, and tore my big toe clean off.

Y: What? You don't even limp.

X: Yeah, my docbones fixed me right up, but she couldn't do shit for my trampoline. Reckon I wasn't meant to bounce.
by noriknowitall July 24, 2011
One who loves reading the urban dictionary.
Yo--he wouldn't put the computer down and I was like, 'get off that dictionary' and he said, 'Why don't you jillax, I can't help it I'm well read...and an urbandictionaryphile. Don't know? That means I love the urban dictionary.
by noriknowitall July 24, 2011
One who hates reading the urban dictionary--perhaps offended by the contents.
My english teacher said, "Students, for this assignment you must rely on a lexicon approved by a mainstream dictionary such as Oxfords, Websters, or another printed format. There will be no usage slang such as is found in the urban dictionary." She is such an urbandictionaryphobe.
by noriknowitall July 24, 2011

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