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King Edward VI Grammar School is an all-boys grammar school in Chelmsford, England. The school is noted for producing a high percentage of doctors and, of course, The Blore Brothers.

Kegs boys have been known to start feuds with other schools over the social networking site Facebook, with dramatic consequences. However, the Kegs boys are generally known to win, through superior use of wit and overall banter. And if the worse comes to the worst, Kegs always have the formidable Mr Green. The school is looked upon jealously by many of the other Chelmsford schools, especially Chelmsford Girls County High- Kegs tend to have far better looking students than this school. Also, unlike this school, the Kegs students actually know how to apply make-up properly. Kegs is also one of the only schools in the world that is extremely reluctant to shut on snow days- recent statistics show that the school only closed for 5.7 minutes due to adverse weather conditions in 2010. This is supposed to make the students look resilient and hard-working, but really it just makes the school look desperate and somewhat pompous.

Kegs boys are often unfairly accused of being gay by their comprehensive school peers- this is not true. Only 90% of the current set of students, for example, are of a homosexual persuasion. 10% are straight/ bisexual.
King Edward VI Grammar School- The best school in China.
by nonymous1010101010 January 23, 2011

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