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1 definition by nominal

Arguably the most talented Trance music producer and DJ in the world. He was voted world's #1 DJ for 2005 by DJ Mag, dethroning the former hat-trick #1, Tiesto.
Born in East Berlin, Paul van Dyk (or PvD, as he is affectionately known among Trance lovers) has been spinning and recording for over a decade, and recurrently sells out stadiums and/or clubs all across the world. He is commonly referred to as "The Godfather of Trance" by electronic music veterans.
The author of this definition worships Paul van Dyk and the ground he walks on. #1 DJ? Most definitely!

Notable CD releases include Seven Ways, Out There and Back, The Politics of Dancing (1 & 2), and Reflections.
by nominal November 08, 2005