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One whose job it is to paint the signs on exit doors.
In order for the church to pass fire inspection, they had to bring in an exitstencilist.
by nom de plumb June 16, 2009
Multiple Username Disorder: A condition that compels those inflicted to create a multitude of aliases on websites such as 'IMDb', in order to praise or defend their own message-board posts -- the ultimate goal being to elevate these aliases to becoming the board leaders, and thereby controlling all topics of discussion. Often, the MUD sufferer will create lengthy message-board threads, in which the posts are entirely by his/her imaginary correspondents.
Every freakin' internet discussion board you check-out these days seems to have a minimum of 2 MUD cases trying to monopolize the conversation with either every single banality that pops into their boring, schizoid minds, or squabbling and name-calling as they compete for the same space – Chief Nut-job.
by nom de plumb May 20, 2009
That's for me to know and you to FUCK OFF....or 'find out', if one's a Mormon or SST some such thing.
Q: Have you ever slept with another girl?

by nom de plumb June 27, 2009
To abstain from eating fast foods.
He disenfranchised and started eating healthy 30 days and 15 pounds ago.
by nom de plumb May 10, 2009
The acknowledgement of an accusation, or a point made by someone you consider to be a douche bag.
Accented E: pronounced dew/shay

Teacher: "It's no wonder that we don't communicate, when your grammar is incomprehensible."

Student: "Douché."
by nom de plumb June 16, 2009
To mind someone's cat/s while they're away… present tense = kitty-sitting… past tense = cat-sat
Thanks for the invitation to join your yacht cruise to the Caribbean, but I promised I'd kitty-sit for my ex.
by nom de plumb August 10, 2009
What you experience when, while laying a lip grip on your sweetie's lollypop, you get carried away and try to swallow it.
I couldn't get to sleep with all the lollygagging and other sex sounds coming my x-rated flatmate's room.
by nom de plumb July 11, 2009

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