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in the case of a design which is almost great but with one really annoying feature, to modify the design in such a way that the annoying feature goes away.
my weekend was great. i decided to deberkus my couch. who covers beautiful wood with silverleaf, anyway?
#design #noisefloor #deburkus #modify #improve
by noisefloor November 27, 2007
Light, unobtrusive, rain which is not hard enough to cause those partying outdoors to seek shelter. It frequently occurs right on the boundary between heavy rain clouds and non-rain clouds, and is best when cloud movement carries this boundary continuously along your party.
Amy's roof party: no rain, then mood rain, then just rain, and the only thing that stopped the dancing was the fuzz.
#rain #cats and dogs #party #clouds #deck
by noisefloor July 05, 2007
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