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- rights for gay people, and the main right that gay people want to have is the right to marry. it s a "hot button" issue in america, with most demorcrats for it and most republicans against it. you don t have to be gay to be in favor of gay rights, many straight people are open minded, respect diversity, and belive in freedom. but others want to force their religion on every one else like they have never heard of "seperation of church and state". if you think gay people choose to be gay, did you choose to be straight? did you choose to be attracted to blonde, red, or brown hair? blue, green, or brown eyes? big or small boobs? curvy, skinny, althletic, or petite bodies? you can t chose what turns you on, and you definately can t choose who you fall in love with. we fought for interacial marriage and now gay marriage. gay marriage doesn t hurt anyone, so maybe we should worry about things that do like the war...
how would you feel if straight marriage were outlawed? gay rights is equal rights!
by noimnotgayimbi June 11, 2006

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