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Slang term for North Chicago, a northern suburb of Chicago in Lake County. Also known as the No, or Nogo town. Next to Wauk-town, which is next to Z-town.
"The Nogo is a sorry fucking city." (I still rep my city no matter how fucked up it is)-Nogo 4 life.
by nogoboy October 12, 2005
City in Northern Illinois. Suburb of Chicago in Lake County. Seminally bad. Not too ghetto. Has it's nice spots. Rival of North Chicago and Waukegan to the south. Racially diverse. Not oversaturated by one race like Waukegan with Hispanics and North Chicago with Blacks. Every north to south street has a name from the bible. East to West numbered. Founded as a religious city in the early 20th century. Exactly halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. High school mascot is a Bee. A fucking bee! Warhawks!!! Also know as Z-town.
"Last Mother's Day a man murdered his daughter and her best friend at a park in the north part of Zion." -Sad but true.
by nogoboy October 12, 2005

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