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One of the greatest words on the planet. This word can be used for anythin (see example)
Insult: "You Stupid muffin"
Compliment: "Hey, Nice muffins"
Self Respect: "I am the muffin king"
Insult Yourself: "I am the worlds biggest muffin"
by nobody important March 03, 2004
famous for parodies of popular songs like i love rock and roll and lose yourself with songs like i love rocky road and couch potato. he also has a wide veriety of polkas like angry white boy polka and polka power. with have clips of other songs in them like fell in love with a girl and intergalactic planitary. his latest c.d.: poodle hat. and he is the proud owner of that song backstreet boys are gay.
weird al yankovic is one of the best singers ive ever heard.
by nobody important March 17, 2005
are a band whose been together for 16 almost 17 years. They have changed alot. They've been through alot of shit in the past like they had to deal with another member's death, another member left before the release of Tragic Kingdom, boyfriend/girlfriend thing going on in the band, and break-ups and probably other shit too.
They also know how to put on a great show, their concerts are fucking amazing.
I dunno of any example?
by Nobody Important November 22, 2003
Part of 1337 speak. Used by jackasses who want to show that they didn't forget to push the shift key but are using 1 instead of ! just to piss people off.
j00 SUXX0RS !!!!111oneone11one
by Nobody Important September 29, 2004
None of your damn bussiness
by Nobody Important March 16, 2003
The MOST important person on this earth always has been always will be i LOVE this person so much words couldnt explain
think of the most important person in your life, just ten times better
by nobody important December 06, 2004

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