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An exclamation. (Made famous by a Vine video in which Terrio shows off his dance moves.) can be used in almost any situation that requires an exclamation.
"Hey Josh grandma just made cookies!"
Josh: "Oh kill Em!"

(Your team just made a big play)
"Look at him go, Touchdown! Oh Kill Em!"
by Noahconstrictor January 22, 2014
First mention on the TV show 'Mixology'

A name for a fake alcoholic mix drink. Ordered when you are trying to make a pass at the bartender. you ask for an 'angry dutch orgy' naturally the bartender will have no clue what you're talking about so you offer to go behind the bar and show them how to make it, it is mainly an excuse to get in physical contact with the bartender. If the bartender lets you behind the bar it means they probably like you and you better think damn quick how to make that drink, otherwise you will be embarrassed when the bartender calls you out when they know you have no clue what you're doing. (Used only as a last resort in flirting)
Katie: So I met this really hot bartender last night, and I had to get closer to him to show him the goods.

Amber: Don't tell me you used the 'angry dutch orgy' mix drink trick again...

Katie: I did, and it actually worked this time, we ending up smashing last night.
by Noahconstrictor March 30, 2014
Doing something possibly controversial and not having anyone complain about it.
Jake: "So I kicked a puppy today"
Rob: "How could you do that? did anyone see?"
Jake" Nah, I didn't get any letters about it."
by Noahconstrictor April 16, 2016

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