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"All the time" or "constantly."

It's derived from the term 24/7. 24/7 is actually a fraction, so we can calculate it in its repeating decimal form. 24/7=3.428571...

"3.4" is just used because it's much easier to type and say than the previously mentioned decimal equivalent.
Joe: OH NOES I GOTS TEH SHITZ!!!!111 I think im SICK AGAIN! =-o :-\
Phil: You're sick 3.4, you really need to go to the doctor... or go to bed at a normal time... OR stop eating fast food every day...
by no_one_2000 February 09, 2005
Pzwn is the "ghetto" version of pwn, a word which I'm sure all heard used before in online gaming or on IRC. Pwn -> Pizzwn -> Pzwn.
"Unreal Tournament is so awesome, it will pzwn you."
"I pzwnd j00!"
"Mike pzwnz me"
by no_one_2000 March 19, 2005
It's what you say when the AOL Instant Messenger screws up. And based solely on its definition, you'll be saying this at least twenty times a day before downloading a new chatting program.

The extra advantage to using this term is that, if said correctly, sounds a bit more "gangsta." See dayamn.
Mike: So Phil, what do you think?
Mike has signed off
Mike has signed on
Mike: What the hell? It did it again!
Phil: dAIMn! Let's chat on MSN, kay?
Mike: Word.
by no_one_2000 February 12, 2005
A random insult word. It's used especially by those who are deeply involved in their trig homework, though it really has no definite meaning.
*Phil is silently doing his trig homework*
*Jackie spills his snack all over the lunchroom floor*
*Phil jumps up*
Jackie: What the hell is an asstangent?
Phil: I have no idea.

(true story =P)
by no_one_2000 January 03, 2005
1) An insult used when no other can be thought of or when all others have been used up.

2) One who is extremely clueless or unskilled, especially in the fields of mathematics and computers; the opposite of a geek or nerd
Joe is a buttchink for defining my word before I did.

"I got a t-shirt with pi on the front from ThinkGeek!"
"wat is pi"
"What!? You stupid buttchink!!!"
by no_one_2000 December 25, 2004
"1337" typed with the shift-key pressed. Seen most commonly from n00bs who type in all caps (but are too stupid to use the caps lock key), or by those making fun of n00bs.
<n00b> OMG HOW U KIL ME U MUST B !##&
<me> Stfu, n00b.
by no_one_2000 February 22, 2005
A clever way of denoting an ellipsis (those three dots "..."). It's commonly used after an idiot makes a stupid remark.
<tehn00bz0r> hey wat iz teh numbar for 911?
<Scr33nName> dot^3
by no_one_2000 January 09, 2005
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