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means "bat" (as in the black, flying mammal..) in spanish. is also the name of a famous bull (for the spanish). either one could of been the reason lamborghini named the successor to their legendary supercar, the diablo, this. it is also said murcielago is the word used to describe a bull who has been so brave in the ring that he is spared the customary death.
dumb girl: "What is that roar?! Is it an earthquake!!?"
smart man: "No, look there. It is a Murcielago driving down the road."
#lamborghini #murcielago #supercar #bull #spain #v12 #horsepower
by no_joke November 15, 2006
shmick, originating from the word "shmuck" is used as a friendly "insult" between friends and family.
For example when talking to your sister "Oh you little shmick! I wanted to eat that"
#shmick #shmuck #idiot #friendly #insult
by No_Joke July 14, 2013
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