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One of those incredible miracles that you rarely find in life.
Sometimes you run across those 'best friends' who really aren't- they stab you in the back repeatedly...but in that case, you dump them and move on.

Though, sometimes, you find 'the one.'
It's incredibly similar to being in a relationship...but these people may or may not drive you as crazy.
You can confide in a best friend, make stupid silly mistakes and they wont care, share your pizza with-without them caring about sharing germs, and always remind them that you will win the burping contests.
You can share clothes, ideas, stories, and secrets, and they'll share them with you, too.
me: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude........
best friend: what?
me: you took some of my pizza.
best friend: who cares? *steals the rest of the pizza*
me: FUCKER! but i love you anyways
best friend: you betta'
by nnaammee October 26, 2007

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