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A very old name, from the 16th century, Scottish in origin, meaning "from the dark river." A man who has deep insights, mystical powers and isn't afraid to explore both the dark and light sides of life, seeing them as all one. A person of great understanding, having wisdom that accrues with age. Very public persona, but deeply private in many ways.
"Don't bother trying to fool, outwit, or fully understand him, man. He's a Douglas---sees all, knows all, confounds all."
by nirvanabrew February 03, 2010
Man of the way. Wayman is like "way to go, man." Everyone's go-to man, who knows exactly the way, the path, the right thing to do. A man of the road, a traveller, a seeker, a seer. A good man, beloved by all. He can be very funny or very serious and thoughtful, depending on what the situation calls for. A visionary, but a humble one, and capable of great insights and activity.
"You should listen to/follow that guy, he knows what's what, keeps it real; He's a real wayman."
by nirvanabrew February 03, 2010
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