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You do a girl in the asshole and proceed to cum in the poop chute, upon pulling out the girl farts the load of cum you ejaculated in her asshole, resembling a snow blower.
Man, i was doing this chick in the ass and when i pulled out she farted the cum back at me, it looked like a SNOW BLOWER.
#snow #blower #farts #asshole #cum #oranges
by nippleteaser7 May 27, 2010
When a girl gives a guy a hand job and he busts on her hand she proceeds to wipe the cum on the guys face.
Dude, i was getting a great hand job and all of a sudden she gave me a dirty windshield wiper>
#hand job #face #wiping #cum #sperm #monkeys
by nippleteaser7 May 16, 2010
the act of making an acronym for everything you say then expecting everyone to know what it means, hence M.A.F.E. (Making Acronyms For Everything)
boy 1: H.M.W.U.
boy 2: what the hell did you just say?
boy 1: come bro, you know!
boy 2: no? i don't?
boy 1: Hey Man What's Up! duh!
boy 2: you seriously need to stop M.A.F.E.ing!
#acronyms #mace #wtf #fml #soulja boy
by nippleteaser7 March 05, 2011
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