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A mud slide is when at least 6 males enter each other from behind, complteting a full circle. Every other male thrusts to the same rythmn, while their forward and backward counter part thrust to a diffrent rythmn. Women are allowed to particapate with a strap on dildo, as long as they are entered in the anus, and the dildo isn't obscuring that orrafice. One organization uses the mud slide to further humantarian causes (See mud slide for peace.)
CJ: "Hey jeff you wanna do homework tonight?"
Jeff: "No dude I'm going to go butt fuck 5 other dudes in a circle."
CJ: "You know that's called a mud slide right jeff"
Jeff: "Wait someone named this?"
by ninjer January 16, 2007
Mud slide for peace is a global effort to extinguish bigotry, racism, and general ignorance. Using a mud slide constructed with thousands of male (and a few female exceptions) around all of the southern states in the U.S. The entire circle will fuck non-stop. People from the south fearing gay behavior (and their own latent sexual tendinces) will go no where near the boundry of gay men. Lube will be dropped from helicopters, at 100 yard markers. Every 100 yards there will be a man in all blue, wearing a becon on his head to show the helicopter's where to make the drop, and at what time. Eventually, as men die from unending gay sex, the line will move in. After about a month all southern people will be trapped, unable to move because of the gay sex. They will be starved out, or they will give into their own latent fears and join the circle. The iraq war will have no support, the republicans will have been destroyed, and no more blue collar comedy tour movies will be made. The future looks good, and brown.
Jerry: "Hey Herbert, you going to come with me and destroy all the southern people?"
Herbert: "You mean that mud slide for peace thing, with all that gay butt sex?"
Jerry: "Yeah, getting fucked in the ass for a month is still better then one minute of the blue collar comedy tour."
Herbert: "Hey your right! Sign me up!"
by ninjer January 16, 2007

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