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When you have the attributes of a typical male in a relationship (but does not necessarily have to be in a relationship, nor applies to the lead role); you start to not care about what the other says or notice any changes in them, asking them to make you sandwiches, or too busy playing video games to notice them.

This is often witnessed in a relationship in which the couples are very comfortable with each other, have been together for months if not years, or a crumbling relationship, or a combination of the set above.

However, it can also apply to close friends or family with similar forms of ignorance and douche-baggery.
It doesn't mean they don't love you; it means they just don't care about you at the moment.

Jim: Hey, you didn't pick up last night. What were you doing?

Jill: Stop worrying, you pussy. I was painting my nails and playing your CoD file.

Jim: I told you not to touch my 360! Ever! Go make me a sandwich for that, bitch.

Jill: Well that sandwich won't fix itself until you fix the God Damn Bathroom.

-- Later --

Jill: God damn, Jill is giving me the "Boyfriend Syndrome".

Jack: What? Sorry, bro, I didn't catch watch you said. Is that chick was eyeing me over there?
by ninjastarburst May 23, 2010

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