5 definitions by ninjapisser

To verbally abuse, or to rape an object with hatred words
"Goddamn shit mother fucking asshole cunt bag dick sucking faggot bitch! Jimmy you rectal fuck! Why'd you take my headphones?!"
"MAN FUCK YOU piece of shit asshole sucking gay buttfucker queef faced retarded shit fucker! I didn't take your shitass headphones! I'll kick your fucking schplood and waste your ass nigga!"
"Stop swearing"
by ninjapisser February 01, 2009
A person who has a massive digestive disorder resulting in excessive gaseous explosions and pieces of shit smelling like rotten flesh. Hence, the combined propulsion of gas and a solid makes a shit blower the perfect weapon.
"holy mother fuck what in the hell? how did Jimmy get shit on the 3rd floor?"
"goddamn it nigga didn't you know Jimmy is a badass mother fuckin shit blower? DAYUMM SONN!"
by ninjapisser January 29, 2009
5000 years ago in a land filled with midgets and fairies, an internet disease known as DemonShit666 came up. His name has been synonymous with one massive, miniature Metropolis-sized fecal matter with an unbelievable stench and excruciatingly hilarious quantity, much like Jack Black's shit in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. A true Demon Shit has a perfectly formed shape, usually repetitive in large quantities, with a smell so unbearable that even Indians will potentially pass out and die, and a humorous factor due to the broken anus that the demon shitter will have
"jesus christ what the fuck happened to Ray?"
"goddamn nigga demon shitted himself, ripped his rectum and literally shat himself inside out."
"mother fucker."
by ninjapisser January 29, 2009
A new form of martial arts practiced in the mountains of Colorado and their relatives in the eastern China mountain regions. It involves two parters who spar in birthday suits by anal, vaginal, oral, deep throat, or excessive humping, in order to cause the other parter to orgasm first before being humiliated by having male or female genital juice being sprayed all over them. Kung Fuck is also another form of sport where extreme penetrations are done, such as the fucking kick, or the jumping fucking, or the 10 foot drop into the vagina.
"damn bitch you so stupid, im gonna kung fuck you!"
"jack off pimp, ill kung fuck you harder with my slamming deep throat jab."
"negro let go"
by ninjapisser January 29, 2009
When one vertically climbs up a piss stall using his hands and legs with his junk hanging out, and pee pee as best as he can towards the direction of the yellow bowl. He would then release the grease with a very Asian karate chop sound, thus completing the Ninja Piss.
"dude, i heard the bathroom stalls are fucked"
"oh hell yeah nigga, Jimmy totally ninja pissed that shit like a pro asian G"
by ninjapisser January 29, 2009

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