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when excess viewing of the girl across the room's miniscule derriere causes your purple headed trouser trout to twitch involunterily,thus depositing a quantity of ball curd into your knickers.
mmmmmmm...AAA..AAAAAAAAGHH, fuck.

peter,did that girl just cause you to spunk your pants?

"slap"... YOU CHEAP BASTARD!!!!!!......
by nimajneb tsrohnedab May 16, 2006
a blonky is a black honky.blinky means slightly insane.so that means that a blinky blonky is a mentally infirm black person emulating the mannerisms of a middle class white person.
that dude is a blinky blonky.

by nimajneb tsrohnedab May 15, 2006
If you are one of those guys who likes to pleasure himself using comestibles of the meaty variety,then you would no doubt use a 'loose meat sandwich'...
i like to jerk of inside a loose meat sandwich.
by nimajneb tsrohnedab May 12, 2006
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