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The place no one knows of and no one cares about. A small town in North Carolina located right in the middle of everything. 5 minutes from Winston-Salem and 10 minutes from Greensboro. A place where you can find the incredibly rich and the incredibly poor all in the same place and only 2 minutes away from each other. Where local high school students have nothing better to do than go to Dennys then to Walmart at 3 A.M. The only place with a shit hole 3 Dollar Cinema that shows anything but good movies. The only place where the cops do stop in old parking lots or go behind old buildings to share a dozen dounuts or smoke the weed they confiscated from the 6th grade girl whos carring her baby down the side walk to closest chink mart. The only place where the two rival high schools compete in everything from sports to who has the most STDs, the most gays and lesbians, and right down to who has the most teachers in prision for sleeping with students. A place that is quickly becoming the largest cluster fuck in the nation.
Lets go get some 5th grade girls pregnant in Kernersville.
by nimajneB April 13, 2005
An argentinian culinary-sexual delicatessen. it's name is a contraction of "Choripan" (a traditional sandwich with an autochthonous type of sausage) and "Pete" (local euphemism for blowjob).
A Choripete it's basically a choripan sandwich that in certain establishments (sometimes as a surprise) includes a blowjob for the same price.
Often the service is provided while the client is consuming his sandwich.
Juan: Hey bro, let's go have a choripete at the train station
Luis: ok, but I think I'll have a morcipete instead
#chorizo #choripan #pete #chori #blowjob
by nimajneb April 16, 2014
taking photos of your balls in front of beautiful landscapes. a new genre of photography that attempts to rediscover the beauty of hairy balls by merging them on breathtaking scenes as another astronomic body (moon, sun, etc.).
look at that sunset, let's take down your pants and so some nutscaping!
by nimajneb December 29, 2015
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