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According to Chris Rock, it's "bullshit."
You're telling me you can make up 4 years in 6 hours?!?
by nighthawk May 02, 2005
noun. Ascending from Shoalin and the ruling alliance system of Toast, this member posesses the skills and virtue to bend minds through the use of Panama Red, Peruvian Gunpowder, and Lucy.
Toastponcho is on the Toast Team, he rode in on the Hurricane!!!!!
by nighthawk August 04, 2004
An example of orangized theft and genocide.
Are you going to join the Mafia?

No, I'm gonna become a Catholic.
by nighthawk January 14, 2005
n./ An IRC whore who believes he knows everything and attempts to make servers on AOL dialup.
OMG don't be such a rewt, fag.
by nighthawk January 13, 2005
Paintballer, or one who paintballs.
Aww dude, I didnt know you had a cocker! You must be a pballa too!
by NightHawk July 08, 2004
wuddup spelled backwards. used to say goodbye in an instant messenger conversation.
person1: hey i g2g
person1: pudduw
person2: aight, ttyl
by nighthawk April 17, 2005
Counter-Strike Retail nickname for the Desert Eagle .50 semi-automatic handgun.
That guy just got five headshots with the Nighthawk!
by Nighthawk January 08, 2004
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