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4 definitions by nigel does it too

When two young Korean boys have a pillow fight, usually because one of them wants the pillow for himself and the other wants to share the pillow
On the News: "Tragedy struck as two young Korean boys were killed in what is thought to be a Korean War"
by nigel does it too November 02, 2009
217 56
the word used to describe a thouroughly cataclysmic ass kicking, both mentally and/or physically
The Toronto Maple Leafs, lost 10-0, they got BUTTSLAMMED!


Jesus got Buttslammed by those Jews!
by nigel does it too November 02, 2009
132 37
to repeat something to a group that was just said, without realizing how stupid it makes you sound
Eric: "hey guys, lets go bowling"
Everybody else: "sounds like fun"
Darcy: "I just thought of something to do, we should go bowling"
Everybody else: "You are retarded, way to pull a Hume"
by nigel does it too October 30, 2009
108 15
The act of tobogganing while sloshed.
Matt and Eric drank a 40 of rum and went sloshbogganing.
by nigel does it too January 03, 2010
36 4