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rude, to snap at someone
You didn't have to be so snarfy
by Nicole January 02, 2005
-a state of being amazed
-state of being frustrated
-when something is so retardedly hilarious
-I want you to write 5 pages about giraffes.

-I don't get it...
-Holy demented shit

-I pissed myself in school...
by Nicole February 19, 2004
The sweat that drips off your balls when you're caught fucking your cousin!
Last night I had some major relative humidity!
by Nicole December 13, 2003
the place of residents for dirty south rappers
the ying yang twins live in the united states of atlanta
by Nicole March 15, 2005
"Gribbling" is being completely unaware of events that are going on around you, especially those that are completely obvious. Comes from King of the Hill's Dale Gribble, whose wife is having an affair, and he is the only person who is completely oblivious to what is so obviously going on between his wife, Nancy and her lover, John Redcorn.
Everyone thinks that Jacob is just gribbling about the fact that Kerry lost. He seems completely unaware.
by Nicole November 15, 2004
-instead of saying mother of god, its a more powerful way of saying it
-when something is amazing
Lisa: I wanna lose my virginity with you
Thomas: Holy mother of convenient God!

Lisa: I still dont get it...
Thomas: Mother of convenient God...
by Nicole February 16, 2004
-a phrase to say when frustrated
-another way of saying son of a bitch
Mom: Timmy, you have to do chores now.
Timmy: Son of a crap...
by Nicole February 16, 2004

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