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25 definitions by nickylags

The amount of energy you put into listen to someones boring story about either ther weekend or a trip they recently took.
guy 1 - Hey did you hear about that awesome trip Sally went on, she will be showing pictures of her vacation during lunch.

guy 2 - No dude once I heard her mouth open I lost all my ear energy.
by NickyLags June 01, 2011
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Any individual who feels compelled to bring in leftover food to the office to share with their co-workers. Usually this individual likes to remain anonymous as the food will either suck or make you sick.
guy 1. "hey who brought the spinach artichoke dip in?"

guy 2. "it was that damn anonymous office leftover miser again last time I had the runs for two days, I wouldn't go near it"
by NickyLags October 14, 2010
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1. Not Readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness.
2. Not Expressing fondness.
The other day I went to give my dog a hug and he jumped off the couch and went into the other room, he is so offectionate
by NickyLags October 08, 2010
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The generation that comes after Generation Y Generation E children feel they are "Entitled" to everything and putting forth no effort
I am really tired of these Generation E kids. Every kid gets a trophy whether they win or lose. What ever happened to winner reaps the rewards
by NickyLags December 18, 2012
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the opposite of sincere, not heartfelt or genuine
Guy 1 - So did you hear Chad Johnson apologized to his wife and said he loved her to death?

Guy 2 - yeah I heard it, it was a shitcere apology at best..
by NickyLags August 20, 2012
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The twitch you make when you first enter the shower. Typically the water is much warmer than the body when it hits the water resulting in a minor epileptic seizure until the water and body temperature becomes one.
This morning when I got into the shower I felt like Michael J Fox with my 30 seconds of showerlepsy, I just could not get warm
by NickyLags April 14, 2011
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The cheese you use to feed a toddler or a dog medication that they will not take otherwise
Husband- Honey did you give the dog her thyroid medicine and the baby her allergy pill?

Wife - I tried but neither one of them would take it.

Husband - Did you try the emergencheese?

Wife- I did not but I will.. Honey you're a genius
by NickyLags April 03, 2014
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