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The amount of time you have already established in your head that this boring conversation will be over. Works also with, dinner parties, weddings, and of course relationships.
guy 1) Hey are you coming over to Jay Z's for the Super Bowl?

guy2) I thought about it but I bet he'll bust out baby pictures, I may go and just time close him for one hour
by NickyLags January 26, 2012
The amount of energy one has to look at home movies, baby pictures, vacation pictures and of course the dreaded wedding pictures.
Yes I got the invitation to Suzy's birthday party but she just got back from her honeymoon and I seriously do not have the eye-energy to look at wedding pictures AND vacation pictures
by NickyLags June 02, 2011
A device that said drinker will blow into to get a reading of how much more they need to drink so that they are fun to be around
Guy 1- Do you remember the last time Kim was with us she was so much fun.

Guy 2 - Yeah she may need to take a funalyzer to determine how much more she needs to drink before the bad karaoke starts
by NickyLags December 05, 2011
The expression someone makes while reading a text that brings them great pleasure
When I got a text from my buddy telling me my ex girfriend got knocked up by one her students, I had a huge textsmile that took days to get rid of
by NickyLags June 04, 2010
a wife who is not quite trophy worthy
So after he won the lottery he brought around his trophy wife well after she had a few drinks she turned into more of a ribbon wife
by NickyLags June 15, 2010
When a player goes down with what looks like a career ending injury, only to come back and have the best game of his life
I was shooting pool with my boy when he accidentally banged his arm against the wall. It looked pretty bad but he was pulling a jordan and cleared all the balls before I had a chance to even shoot one.
by NickyLags June 25, 2010
comfortable. free from stress or conducive to mental ease; having or affording peace of mind
When my wife got home from work I could tell she was having a rough day, so I laid her down on the bed put on the miner's hat and cuntforted her
by nickylags October 13, 2014

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