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the process by which one gases their car and then brakes fairly hard to cause the car to bounce almost as if it had hydrolics.

It was originized by Mac Dre and is frequently used by bay area rappers
Person 1: That cars got some hydrolics,
Person 2: naaa he just gas brake dippin'
by nicktomyskins April 10, 2006
this term is spelt wrong.

gas "brake" dip is the correct spelling of the term.

Main Entry: Gas Brake Dip
Function: verb
Pronunciation: 'gas 'brAk 'dip

1. a. one must be in a car and gas it, while simultaneously braking the car which causes the car to bounce up and down as if it had hydrolics. b. An action done in Scrapers, caddy's or any other car with fairly loose suspensions. c. word orininating in the yay area and has become extremely popular due to E-40s song Tell Me When To Go.
Put your stunna shades on

Now... "gas break dip", dip
gas brake dip, dip

Shake them dreads
by nicktomyskins April 22, 2006
Main Entry: was-ca-la-tor
1 a: a power-driven walkway arranged like an endless belt that it moves objects forward continuously. They are commonly found at airports. b: The combination of a walkway and an escalator
" Did you make the plane? "

" Barely, I ran on every wascalator to be on time. "
by nicktomyskins March 13, 2008

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