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Forget the best rap duo of all time, they are the best of all time. Outkast rule forever, since the beginning of time, all aboard the Stankonia express!!!!!

by Nickster August 28, 2003
another word for poop or shit
I smell big business
by nickster May 19, 2006
1. Telling someone of lesser intelligence how increasingly stupid they are, then making an obvious statement, and showing them how idiotic they REALLY truly are..
2. Used to be known as "Modded." Now a Bay Area, California term.
3. For increasing insult for the victim, say the 'Smash'..look at them for exactly 1 second and CLAP your hands unnecessarily hard in there face.. and say "SMASHED YA DUMB BITCH!"
me: Get the fuck off AIM bitch!
him: ='(
me: when u cry.. it makes me happy
him: GOD DAMN FOO.. that fuckin evilness
me =D

me: I'm telling you its $100 dollars!
her: NO! its only $50
me: WatCh! ill ask them!
-the person says its $100..-
by NickSter March 29, 2004
a combonation of yo and hey together

Yo + Hey = Yoy
Yoy man whats up.

i said yoy to that guy over there but he just looked at me like wtf??
by Nickster January 06, 2004
Someone who -- no matter how good your story -- always has to come up with one of their own that tops it.
Old Surfer Joe has a critical case of Alltimers.
by Nickster November 17, 2003

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