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reggae is a decent form of music, and people insult it all the time. What the real problem is is that people are unaware of what is really reggae and what isn't. any loser can quote bob marley but here you go
bands that are reggae: bob marley, the wailers, gregory isaacs, etc.
bands that are not reggae - slightly stoopid, sublime, 311, matisyahu, pepper, the expendables
by nickr519 October 21, 2007
a piece of shit car that people who know nothing about cars think is "a sick muscle car." O wow it has a V-8? Cool its 200 horsepower you faggots. And its heavy as shit, and the intake sucks balls, unless you have a blower its 0-60 in 4 hours.
1) check out my chevelle! ill kick your wrx's ass.
2) really? because you have 8 cylinders instead of 4? do you know what torque, horsepower, or engine balance are?
1) shut up ricer!!! all imports suck!!!!1 god bless america!!!!111!!!!!1!!1111oneone
by nickr519 May 01, 2008
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