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A face that has a certain look about it, that we guys consider hot. It needs big eyes, preferably brown or green, and full lips. There are other requirements, such as a full and undefined rounded or oval face which gives an innocent looks. Also, high but not prominent cheekbones(meaning the cheekbones don't pop out which is manly). This features are usually found in russians, brazilians, and others beauties.
Usually most girls are considered hot because of their appeal and body, but this is a type of face that is hot without the body being into play.
Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes have hot faces.

Guy 1: That girl is so hot!
Guy 2: Are you joking? Her hip to waist ratio is terrible.
Guy 1: But she has a hot face!
by nickiscoolasHELL March 18, 2010

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