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The most gorgeous, awesome, intelligent, hilarious, quirky, crazy person you will ever meet. She's quite the temptress, as she is widely known for her creative array of pick-up lines. (Some stem from Ludacris hits, however...) She makes the world go round and regurgitates butterflies and rainbows for the rest of us. She makes a wonderful, compassionate friend who will support you when the going gets rough. (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! naah but literally, no pun intended.)

Wherever you find an Ashley, you're bound to find an Allie.
"You see that raven-haired Aphrodite over there? She must be an Ashley."

HOTDAYUM I'd look better with her in between.

My boyfriend cheated on me with some fugly slore I don't know last night. I failed three tests, got rejected from all the schools I applied to and I'm missing my wallet. I think I'll talk to Ashley now. She always makes me realize that my life actually isn't a piece of crap.
by nickiminajthealligator May 10, 2012

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