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3 definitions by nickdizzle

A sex act; where 2 partners are not engaged in a sexual activity with themselves but rather distant. Masturbating to eachother with no knowledge that they want to date eachother.
Tom and mary got an std from hardcore solosexabation.... i dont know how the fuck it happened....
by nickdizzle September 15, 2004
one who is top heavy. A firm yet bulky/busty cleavage line can be described as a rackdizzle. a ghetto term for a large female boosim or the mocking ghetto boosim
she has a very nice rack dizzle.
by nickdizzle September 15, 2004
A spontanious explosion of lisp at the completion of a sentance. An advanced way of speech for one with lisp, to achieve the l-bomb, the lispee must talk without a lisp for a sentance. This surplus of kenetic energy(the unused lisp) is stored thruout the sentance and released in a shockwave of lisp upon completion.
Todd : Yo dude you hang out at the party?

lispet: yeah man we got wasted and pissed on that bitch's couch...... lesheshkba
by nickdizzle September 15, 2004