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(v): After you recieve super head and you ejaculate and it somehow trails down to your butthole, the girl then proceeds to lick your butthole providing you with the pleasure of a super rimmie and countless nights of jokes about the girl.
omg did you hear about MM she gave that dude a super rimmie at that party and we laughed all night and continued to slam those beers hoping she would give us one too.
by nick-payal-kurt December 13, 2009
In reference other than the OTC drug Triple C has another definition:

Triple C stands for Charmingly Chunky Chick. A girl who is not fat but not too skinny. She just has some extra on her. Still attractive and usually are freaks in the bed.
Damn!! Did you see that chick? She was deff a Triple C! I bet shes a freak in the sheets!
by nick-payal-kurt December 13, 2009

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