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Cheesy smell of Butt- likely caused by gas moisture. Typcial in summer, after hard physical labour or from generally bad hygiene... in summer. Smell Is strong and easily transferable (onto finger and underwear and through underwear onto trouser). Related to 'Honey Butt'
I need to wash these pants, they;re stinking of butt cheese.
by nick packer September 26, 2007
Residue of fart - A slipperiness between the butt cheeks caused by poo particles and moisture released from a fart.. Fermenting Gas moisture is thought to be the cause of Butt Cheese or Honey Butt.
I've been fartin so much I have gas moisture - I need to pop to the toilet to check, I'm sure the residue of all my farts will be brown.
This Mexican food has given me gas moisture (morning after, wipe check)
by nick packer September 26, 2007
A fart so organic and biologically volitile it is rival only to cow manure.
Jill: A cow has just shit nearby...
Nick: no, thats Judy, She's always at the farmyard farts
Jill: Judy needs to wash her butt out with soap and water
Nick: Ain't that true.
by nick packer September 26, 2007
A fart that has a distinctly artificial odour. Often Atributed to a bad diet of E-numbers, confectionary and flavoured milkshakes.
pooh, someones unwell, I smell a factory fart, or the egg-flan factory is washing out it's drains again...
by nick packer September 26, 2007
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