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1 definition by nick offtap

OFFTAP is the word used to describe being under the influence of a designer drug (eg. Ecstasy, Meth/Speed, PMA, Ketamin). It is NOT correct to use it to describe you being drunk or stoned (as I frequently hear) It originated in the late 60's in the U.K. used to describe a "drug riddled" adolescent. It has since been adopted by the rave/clubbing community which has propelled it's use and status to where it's at today. Hell there are even websites called offtap (offtap. org & offtap. com. au) which is where I got this definition from.
"I got offtap last night" (when describing the night after taking some pills).

"I was so offtap I talked to a tree for hours".

"I am OFFTAP!"
by nick offtap August 02, 2006
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