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A group of online gamers who attempt to cause other players to become enraged see rage. The in game aim of myg0t is to make the other players feel like dirt for their own amusement they hack they racially abuse and they make the game harder for the player. myg0t have a knowledge that the best way to annoy a gamer is to make them feel out of control thus makign them suseptable to insults and confusion the target of said rage becomes fustrated and cusses the ragers.
OH NOES! that ass from myg0t is cheeseing me off, stop tking asshat OMFG GO AWAY!
by nick davey August 07, 2006
Standard British rifle during the early 20th century up to WW2. It could hold 10 rounds from 2 5 round stripper clips, it was made from english oak giving it a yellowish colour. The lee enfield was the most reliable weapon fielded in WW1. And in WW2 proved more useful than the russian mosin and the german kar98.
A British and a german rifleman were in a battle the german had spent his 5 rounds and tried to reload but the british had 5 more rounds in his Lee-Enfield and killed the german.
by nick davey August 08, 2006
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