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To have big muscles or to be all "jacked up" but with all natural training, and without the aid of performance enhancing drugs and steroids.
Person 1: "Look at that dude! He's huge! He must be on steroids!"

Person 2: " No man, he's an all natural beast! He's legally pumped!"
#roid head #meathead #barry bonds #mark mcguire #steroids #hgh #natural #freak
by nicholasbrunello January 20, 2010
To pay lots of taxes and bills or participate fully in society or to be a member of the rat race.
-My cousin just got married, got a mortgage, and loads of car payments.

-No thanks, I prefer to live with no overhead. That Cuz is gonna be doing a lot bill paying and licking stamps!
#rat race #domesticated #chump #pussy whipped #go underground
by nicholasbrunello October 31, 2010
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