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1. The asshole that won't offer a hand to anybody.
Phillip: "Hey David?"
David: "What do you want?"
Phillip: "Can I borrow your camera?"
David: "No! you'll scratch the lens and put finger prints allover my camera."
Phillip: "Jeez your really self centered!"

#idiot #disrespectful #stuck #up #bastard
by Nicholas Roberts March 30, 2008
A plant getting more and more popular due to videos of people smoking it spread all across the internet. This herb is expected to be banned in the US by 2010. the reason being is so the government can make money off of arrests just like all the other popular drugs such as cocaine, mushrooms, and cannabis. Other nicknames for Salvia are Ska Pastora, Shepherdess's Herb, ska Maria Pastora, yerba de Maria, and Sally-D.
Salvia Divinorum is already banned in these 4 states as followed:
#ska #pastora #shepherdess's #herb #sally-d
by Nicholas Roberts March 30, 2008
1. A deal that exchanges illegal drugs for currency that is generally committed in stealth.
Sally: "I am on my way to make a drug deal with Ronnie."
#drive #by #smoke #ingest #inject #huff #chew
by Nicholas Roberts April 07, 2008
Kanna, Genus name Sceletium tortuosum, is a succulent groundcover which produces showy white flowers with threadlike petals. Its fermented roots and leaves were chewed by the Hotentot tribe of S. Africa as a vision-inducing entheogen and inebriant. The plant contains mesembrine, though the pharmacology of kanna is not fully understood.
Kanna is the righ Sedative to smoke for me!
#sedative #plant #flower #inebriating #pde4-inhibitor
by Nicholas Roberts March 31, 2008
Ouch Gum is the slang used for bubble gum that is actually called, 'Ouch! Bubble Gum Bandages.' the ouch gum usually came in a 24Ct Box that costed $0.94 ea. for 1 tin box.

There's 21 pieces of Ouch! Bubble Gum inside, separated into 3 packs which contained 7 pieces of of Ouch Gum pieces for 1 pack. The 3 packs contained 3 of each flavor. the 3 flavors were Grape, Watermelon, and Strawberry.

The 'Ouch! Bubble Gum Bandages' was made to look like a band aid to wrap around your tongue. The ouch gum comes from Hubba Bubba which is taken over by the Wrigleys company which is a company that makes a variety of flavors in bubble gum.
Sally: "Has anyone seen my Ouch Gum?"
Ronnie: "Oh! are you talking about that type of bubblegum that looks like a band aid and comes in that tin box?"
Sally: "Yeah! Have you seen it?"
Ronnie: "Nope!"
#wrigleys #hubba #bubba #winterfresh #big #red
by Nicholas Roberts March 30, 2008
The Psychedelic Effect is a condition in which is obtained through smoking, injecting, ingesting, chewing, huffing, a drug in order to get a high off of it.

The high is generally a stage of seeing:
-Colorful images
-Twisting, Spinning, Winding, Swirling images
-An a different world, time, dream, etc.
-Euphoric feelings (Depending on the drug and the dosage)

The psychedelic effect may only last 3 or 4 minutes or 6 to 7 hours depending on which drug was used to get high off of.

A man goes to his local smoke shop to buy Salvia Divinorum. He goes home and takes a massive hit of it out of a pipe and holds it in for 30 seconds to soon realize that within 25 seconds, his body/brain/muscles have all changed and he is now engaging in a Psychedelic Effect where he is holding on for dear life, as a tornado above him attempts to suck him away. This man is have a really bad trip that ends in 4 minutes and realizes that he never wants to try Salvia again in his life. He is one of 6%~ of Salvia smokers that say they will never want to try Salvia again.
#euphoria #drugs #trip #kanna #inject
by Nicholas Roberts March 31, 2008
Syrian Rue, (Peganum harmala), is a perennial shrub with fleshy spikey-looking leaves, growing up to 1 meter tall. Its small, brown seeds contains harmine and other harmala alkaloids. It is one of the plants speculated to be the Soma or Haoma of ancient Persia.

Syrian Rue is a non-popular plant as of today, but gives a Psychedelic effect if Smoked or Ingested into your body (usually smoked)
Syrian Rue is right for me!
#plant #psychedelic #high #ingest #flower
by Nicholas Roberts March 31, 2008
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