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1. to be caught doing something not guch i.e. cheating, texting, hooking up with someone who is fuckt in de face

2. the state of being fucked in the face, or anywhere else
1. "what are you waiting for? Jam him!"

2. "oh man youngah a wee bit jammed in de face...need some bunty nice and guch?"
by nice and guch November 24, 2009
1. Good, favorable (also spelled gooch, gutch, gootch, gukt).

2. Can also be used in sarcasm
1. A guch bunty is the opposite of lunty or fuckty. It is one you want to jam.

2. Lost your phone? GUCH!
by nice and guch December 28, 2009
To fuck a girl, preferably one who is not fuckty
What are you waiting for? Jam her!
by nice and guch December 28, 2009

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