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Only the select few prime rib grade E bottom of the barrel meat get these little titles handed down from the actual mafia cunts. Most are troll like men wearing their little badges proudly.
I stole CrimsonKing02's sludge mafia approval badge lol
by NIC September 25, 2003
to steal, or take credit for bite
Damn Craiggers, you're biting my shit!
by Nic March 16, 2004
The greatest band of all time.
they are in a totally different league to every other band.
by Nic March 08, 2004
1) The 'special school' of the internet. A forum populated by wannabes, sycophants, and no-nothings, who are ruled with an iron fist by the arbitrary and authoritarion admins.

2) short phrase indicating that a person belongs in kjs
1) go back to kjs faggot
2) kjs.
by Nic March 19, 2003
1) socal word, meaning, roughly, hot. Usually used by people who think they are cool but are actually idiots, or by people making fun of the aforementioned.

2) a hot socal girl. Not that in this case it would be pronounced hot-ty.
lolz this chick Im fucking is so hott
by Nic March 19, 2003
The best way to kill a deer.
My .270WSM bullet took out his jugular and he dropped like a rock.
by Nic January 16, 2005
a new relationship

to get off with someone!
"did you get a click last night!"
by nic January 13, 2004

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