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That feeling you get riiight when you're peaking the top of the "addy mountain". Not to be confused with "talk to the conductor" or "the train". This is the moment after you've taken you're so called ADD medicine that shit really starts to get done. Normally lasting (in a higher metabolism individual) no longer than 1-2 hours, give or take. At "the peak" one will generally find an insatiable need for nicotine of some sort and possible "jawing" may ensue.
Yo dawg, I just ripped about 40mg of addy and I'm on that jaaaaaaaack (That Jack).
by nibblegnome October 19, 2011
Usually referred to as the conductor of the "Addy Train". The train you get on when you need to "get on that zoomazooma-zoom-zoom". Talking to the conductor of the train gives you special abilities beyond just "Riding the Train". It allows you to crank the speed of it up to about Mach 3.
"What's got into you today bro, you're going 100 miles an hour today?"

"This morning I knew I wasn't feelin like gettin shit done so I had to hop on that traaiiin and talk to the conductor!!!"

by nibblegnome September 25, 2011

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