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In refrence to the language parent for all Indo-European languages. A language spoken in a vast region throughout the Indian peninsula and all of Europe before writing and therefore lost. Although this lanuage is not currently known there are many linguists who study and reconstruct what this language was most likely like. Also called PIE or the PIE language. The name is derived from proto meaning before or simple and Indo-european which is a language group consiting of languages ranging from India to all of Europe.
The PIE root *bher- means to bare.
Proto-Indo-European is impossible to learn.
PIE is greek to me.
by nibbit October 10, 2010
Prefix meaning before. Usually in refrence to a previous or outdated version.
Take a look at my proto-type.
What is the Proto-Germanic root for cat?
by nibbit October 10, 2010
The process or processies predating other forms of cellular metabolic processes such as Photosynthesis. Such forms of metabolism are thought to have originated by plant and animal cell inveloping smaller specialized cells that were insoluble to the host cell.
Photosyntesis is a process originating from early proto-plant cells ingesting cyanobaceria, therefore replacing any protosynthesis the cells might have had.
by nibbit October 10, 2010
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