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The current quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Has taken his team to the playoffs 3 times, and won his first playoff game this year against the Phillidelphia Sheagles. Tony Romo is a very good quarterback who threw a career low 9 INT's this season and broke the Cowboys streak of no winning record in December since the late 90's, and no playoff wins in 13 years. Hated by many for no reason or because hes dated incredibly gorgeous women that 90% of the male population would never have a chance with. Also hated by Eagles, Redskins and Giants fans who wish that their team could be as good as the Cowboys.
"Man look at Tony Romo! What a homo. Who would want to date him?"

"Well apparently Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson would."

"Man they're so pretty, I wish I was Tony Romo."

Jim Zorn: Alright, 4-12, there's room to improve. Any suggestions?

Jason Campbell: Man I wish I was Tony Romo. The Cowboys always make the playoffs. We should try and be like them so we can actually win some games sometime.

Jim Zorn: That's a good idea.
by nflforlife56 February 05, 2010

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