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1) The iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of vertebrates.

2) The best word to substitute for the latter.
"I'm writing my paper on the cardiovascular system; in particular, the components of blood."
"Like homogoblins?"
"You mean hemoglobin."
"Yeah, homogoblins."
by newton64 August 19, 2008
1. Waking up with your partner in the middle of the night, engaging in the physical act of love, and falling asleep again.

2. A delicious sandwich at resto Santropol in Montreal.
"Jeepers, me and Stacy had a fantastic midnight spread last night."
"That's swell, but it can't beat the midnight spread Jacynthe and I had this morning."
by newton64 July 23, 2008
When one is so drunk, one is willing to place a rocket-like firecracker between one's butt cheeks and fire it off.
"What ho, stout Yeoman? Might I infer by thine Countenance that thou hast been tempted by The Drink?"
"Verily! In celebrating somewhat belatedly Her Royal Highness' Golden Jubilee, my Compatriots and I didst become so emboldened as to consequently suffer the following Reproach of a fine and honest Gentlewoman: 'Ye Gods, you Vagabonds, but you have become ass-rocket drunk!'"
by newton64 April 04, 2008

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