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Made solely from plain white bread and one slice of processed cheese, it is typically a sandwich eaten by someone who has hit rock bottom. The only additional ingredient allowed beyond bread and processed cheese is hot sauce; however, this changes the title to "spicy bum sandwich". Other abbreviations include: Hot bum sandwich (microwaved), Toasted bum sandwich (toasted white bread) or the famous one slice folded over version "the bum foldwich".
"Whats for lunch asshole?" "Bum sandwiches and liquor. Then I'm going to the dump to shoot rats."
by newbcat November 20, 2011
A strategically placed nap during the day (the weekend for less unrespectable people) to ensure maximum possible drinking. They usually fall after a morning case, and before getting into the rye later in the evening.
"Where's Wes?" "He got wasted. He's taking another liquor nap."
by newbcat November 20, 2011
a shit visibly containing bits of corn, blasted out your asshole in an emergency fashion. A truly awful corn blaster will project at a great angle compared to the usual shit, often spackling the side of the toilet bowl. One of the tell tale signs of a truly terrible corn blaster, is an immediately itchy asshole upon crowning.
Pete: "hey Cornelious, are you ready to go to the strong man cometition?"
Cornelious: "I just gotta get rid of this corn blaster, then we'll go."
by newbcat November 21, 2011

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